Minnesota Jodi

17 years in the industry

Jodi’s areas of expertise are natural looking color, trouble shooting cowlicks, and strange textures, easy to maintain haircuts, and color correction.

I have a fascination with the science behind hair.  I try to understand how to work with different textures, stubborn hair, and fine and thinning hair. I tend to have a pragmatic personality and I approach hair the same way. Hair should fit into a person’s life style, be easy for the person to maintain, but look cute and fashionable at the same time.  I aim to make my male clients look so sexy the girls can’t resist them and my women clients so cute all the other girls are jealous.  At the very least I hope my clients get a complement now and again on their hair. If they do then I’ve done my job.

1990-2000-Attended Cosmetology Career Unlimited in Duluth MN in

1999 to 2008-Yearly hair show and convention for National Cosmetology Association

2000-was an Apprentice Educator for the National Cosmetology Association of Minnesota men’s team

2000-2001-Secretary/Treasurer of the National Cosmetology Association of Minnesota Duluth chapter

2001-2003-Educator for the Minnesota National Cosmetology Association Men's Team

2002-2003- President of NCAM Duluth Chapter

Oct 2009-Moved to White Mountains

2011 to present- Member of Pinetop-Lakeside Chamber of Commerce

January 15, 2012-Makeover on the Believe Show

April 19, 2012-Makeup for Summit Healthcare commercial

July 1015-Opened North Star Salon