Stations for rent

North Star Salon is looking for full time stylist to rent a station in the salon. Rent is a hundred dollars a week, non negotiable. What I offer is a professional atmosphere. I have expectations of the stylist I rent to. I advertise on the radio, in print, and on the internet. We do get new clients on a regular basis but, it is better if you have some what of a clientele. I will do what I can to help you get more clients.  I want my renters to be as busy as they can, so that they are happy. I have left my stations relatively empty of furniture so that the stylist can furnish it the way that works best for them. I try to provide enough room so that stylist aren't on top of each other. The girls that work here are very friendly and helpfull. I believe a salon should function as a team of people who's goal it is to maintain the integrity of the salon. 

If you are interested call Jodi at 928-358-4067. I require a resume and an interview before deciding to take a stylist on. I am hiring licensed stylist only. Please to not call inquiring about reception work.